Test Drive Nissans Juke Nismo in Popular Driving App

Nissan is debuting its latest car in the mobile driving game, Asphalt 7: Heat, before it hits showrooms later this year. Players can take the Juke Nismo car for a virtual test-drive on the Nissan race track, which is set in Tokyo and passes the Nissan Omori factory.

By either tilting the device or touching the side of screen to steer, it promises to simulate the real cars design, handling and performance features. Players can also take the exclusive Juke-R for a spin, although this would set you back around half a million quid in real life!

The paid-for iOS and Android game has been downloaded 2m times since Gameloft launched it last year. This was the first app in the Heat series to be created for iPad as well.

Players can find multiplayer opponents via Bluetooth or online and the 10 fastest drivers who have signed-up with Gameloft on Facebook will win the opportunity to drive the Juke Nismo in Barecelona for real.

“With many of the car’s features inspired by today’s digital and gaming technologies, we wanted to launch it to consumers in an all-new, innovative way that reflects its core values,” said Gareth Dunsmore, marketing communications GM at Nissan in Europe. “Smartphones and tablets are increasingly dominating consumers’ time and attention, so this launch strategy lets us reach out directly to driving and racing fans across Europe in a way that perfectly suits today’s digital age.”

Committed to creating new marketing opportunities through gaming, the Nissan PlayStation GT Academy, now in its fourth season, takes the best Gran Turismo players from the virtual world and gives them the chance to become real-life racing drivers.

Watch the (rather exciting) trailer for the game here.