Tetherball Launches Retrofit RFID Marketing Platform

US firm Tetherball, which specializes in mobile loyalty and rewards solutions, has unveiled an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)-based mobile marketing platform that works on any phone.
Using traditional marketing methods such as in-store advertising, customers are engaged to sign up for mobile loyalty rewards programs offering promotional discounts. Upon joining, customers are given a Tetherball Tag, a tiny RFID chip that is fixed to their mobile phones, and uniquely identifies them through Tetherballs technology platform. How exactly it is fixed is not clear from the information the company has supplied. We have asked the question, but as they are in the US, it may be a while before we get an answer.
Tetherball clients are then able to send offers to their customers via standard text messaging. Offers are redeemed electronically using existing in-store RFID point of sale terminals or stand-alone RFID kiosks provided by Tetherball. Mobiquitous, a patent-pending, real time, web-based reporting system, delivers detailed visibility and analytics into coupon redemption rates and overall program performance.
One of the programs users is fast-food chain International Dairy Queen, whose Website Manager, Jamie Guse, says:
We are a big believer in the future of mobile marketing and are very excited to be partnering with Tetherball. Through their innovative RFID-based mobile loyalty program, we are able to provide great offers to our customers in a fun and easy way while precisely measuring the effectiveness of our Dairy Queen Mobile Rewards Program.

Update: We have now had a reply from Tetherball, who inform us that the RFID tags have an adhesive back to them that sticks the tag to the phone, but which can be removed without leaving any residue on the phone. In addition, the tags have a protective backing to prevent RF interference, and a protective surface to resist physical wear.