Teva Pharmaceuticals launches global ‘Love doesnt take a break’ campaign

Teva Pharmaceuticals has launched its latest integrated campaign, ‘Love doesnt take a break’. The campaign will run online across the globe from today. 

Every year in the UK, 4.3m people (12,000 people a day) become unpaid carers, making them a fundamental part of the care pathway. These carers represent a huge economic value to society as they save the state £132bn in the UK alone. In the US, more than half (56 per cent|) of employed caregivers work full-time.

The campaign, created by VCCP Health, celebrates the work these people do. Teva has also launched a number of other initiatives to help unpaid carers. These include tools such as the Life Effects website, which shares advice and experiences from other caregivers, as well as guidance through a caregiver handbook and self-care tips. In different parts of the world, it also offers initiatives specific to those locations, such as the Caregiver-Friendly Pharmacy in Canada and a large Facebook community in Israel. 

At the heart of the global campaign sits a hero film directed by award-winning director, Anders Hallberg. The film follows a woman as she navigates her day. She faces a number of overwhelming tasks, including taking her father to the doctors and supporting him throughout the day, looking after her children, and managing a busy salon. It takes people on an emotional rollercoaster, from visceral exhaustion through to light-hearted moments of joy, ending with a poignant reminder that ‘love doesn’t take a break’.

“Caregivers provide a vital role, constantly caring for loved ones whilst balancing their everyday life and responsibilities,” said Galit Sasson, Director, Global Corporate Brand at Teva Pharmaceuticals. “This is why we have created the ‘Love doesn’t take a break’ campaign, to raise awareness of the endless devotion it takes to be a carer every single day, and to show them how Teva values and supports them, directing them to the tools, initiatives and information we have available. We are incredibly proud of how it has turned out and everyone that has seen it so far has had a real emotional reaction to it. It is authentic and relatable and brings tears to your eyes as you witness the ups and downs that caregivers face.”