Text & Gin

Oxygen8 Communications, has launched an interactive text messaging service for the Hospitality sector. The new service, CustomerTxtConnect, enables bars, pubs and restaurants to communicate with consumers via mobile phones and PDA devices in order to alert them to special offers, promotions and discounts.
According to Oxygen8, CustomerTxtConnect ensures instant communications to 100% qualified recipients, and offers 100% deliverability, a 90%+ open rate, and upwards of 6-12% action rate. 
Every night of the week there is a spontaneous market looking for something to do, and theyre all armed with mobile phones and PDA devices, says Oxygen8s UK CEO, Colin White. By reaching this audience with a well timed text message before they make their plans for the evening, and alerting them to a special offer or promotion, bars, pubs and restaurants can expect to see a substantial increase in revenues. 
White adds that with minimal upfront investment and no long term contract, the revenues generated through additional dinner reservations at restaurants and increased footfall in bars and pubs, ensures an excellent return on investment. He notes too that the service presents an opportunity to cement customer relationships through personalised text messages based around a customers individual tastes or preferences, helping to drive customer satisfaction and loyalty.