Text-mad Brits Break SMS Record

The British love affair with SMS continues, with text messaging figures reaching an all time high in May, when 3.3 billion messages were delivered, according to figures from the Mobile Data Association (MDA). Person-to-person texts sent across the UK GSM network operators during May were 26% up on the figure for the previous May, and 0.3 billion up on the previous record of 3.2 billion, set in March. The figure equates to 106 million messages per day.
The MDA suggests that the figures were in all likelihood boosted by the return of Big Brother last month, and also by the FA Cup and Champions League finals, when 120 million, and 124 million messages were sent respectively. Both are well up on the daily average for May of 106 million messages. These figures suggest that, with the World Cup currently taking place, figures for June and July should also be up towards the 3.5 billion mark.