Text to Trump Twitter on Christmas Day

2011 may have been the year when social networking on mobile phones exploded, but when Britons pick up their mobile on Christmas Day, it’s more likely to be to talk, text or send a photo, rather than to get in touch via Facebook or Twitter, according to a survey of 1,000 adults in the UK, commissioned by T-Mobile, and carried out ICM Research.

The survey found that only 26 per cent of respondents are planning on using social media to share Christmas messages on 25 December, compared to 62 per cent planning to make a call and 55 per cent to send a text message.

T-Mobile is also forecasting that users on its network will send 95m texts on Christmas Day this year – an average of 3.9 million per hour. If so, this would represent an increase of over 15m on the 79m texts sent on Christmas Day, 2010. T-Mobile is also predicting that Brits will send over 750,000 festive picture messages via MMS, and make 33.5m calls, an increase over the figure of 30m on Christmas Day in 2010.