TexTango Bins Barriers to Texters Earning Cash

Sponsored text message service TexTango has announced that until August 1, all new members will be able to make money sending text messages from the first day of their membership. 

Normally, new TexTango members must send 3,000 messages before they are eligible to earn cash rewards. Before users have sent 3,000 SMS messages, they are at Level 1 membership, after 3,000 messages they are at Level 2. 

The company is also upgrading all current members to Level 2 status. 

Payment depends on the ad campaign in question, but the company says that most TexTango ads yield between $0.01 and $0.05 per text message sent. Members typically earn between $10 and $100 per month. However, some of the companys more prolific members have earned nearly $600 per month. Payments are made in the form of a TexTango prepaid Visa debit card.

“Our app makes it simple to earn money doing something everyone does every day – sending text messages,” says Russell McHugh, TexTango SVP of business development. “Due to a very successful initial release, we were able to attract a number of sponsoring brands, and we want to share our success with our members. As a result, during the next few months, members dont have to wait to get paid. We are excited to offer this promotion to our first group of members.”

Go to the companys website for more information.