Texting the Dog

A consortium of consumer electronics manufacturers and software companies is working on technology that will enable a dogs behaviour and actions to be controlled by text message. Work on the project is thought to have been going on for the past 12 months.
Microsoft, Sony and Nokia have all denied involvement in the project, which would use a microchip combining location-based, speech-to-text, and what the developers are calling neurotext transference technologies, implanted in the dogs brain under general anaesthetic, to train the dog, and issue instructions to it remotely. Despite the denials, Mobile Marketing magazine understands that the project could come to fruition before the end of the year.
A spokesman for the consortium, who wished to remain anonymous, told Mobile Marketing that there were serious social welfare goals behind the project.
“It may seem a bit bizarre when you first hear what were planning, but this project could have some fantastic implications for blind people and deaf people,” he said. “If you think about the potential of a dogs trainer or owner being able to issue instructions to a guide dog remotely, or to call it back to base if it got lost, especially in the early stages of the dogs training and work, then clearly, this could advance the art significantly.”
Elsewhere, however, the project has been denounced. Hal Saichun, Communications Officer for the Dog Protection Trust, told Mobile Marketing:
“You cant fool with nature like this. Its a deplorable idea, and one that I hope never sees the light of day.”
Well have more news on the dog you can text as we get it.