Textlocal introduces new mobile survey tools via SMS

Woman mobile phone laptopUK SMS platform Textlocal has updated its mobile survey service to enable businesses to send more complex and relevant surveys to their customers.

The improvements to Survey Logic enables Textlocal clients to create SMS surveys and forms that are response-driven, enabling them to gather feedback from an experience and provide customers with a simpler way of providing essential information. Surveys can be tailored to each recipient for a more personalised experience.

Through the upgraded software, Textlocal says businesses can expect improved respondent experience, improved response rates, the ability to capture more specific information, and more. It also allows data capture fields with fixed responses, including single choice drop-downs, multiple choice lists, checkboxes, radio buttons, and star ratings.

“With the new Survey Logic functionality, brands are able to further develop relationships with their customers by providing them with the most user-friendly SMS mobile survey to date,” said Jason Palgrave-Jones, managing director at Textlocal. “Not only will businesses be able to gain meaningful insight into the consumer experience, but they will also be able to improve engagement and highlight their value of customer feedback.”