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Textlocal Whitepaper Uncovers the Truth About Mobile Messaging

Alex Spencer

Textlocal has released a whitepaper, The Truth About Mobile Messaging, which aims to address some of the myths associated with mobile messaging as a marketing channel.

26 per cent of UK businesses have never used any form of mobile marketing, according to a Textlocal survey in association with Mobile Marketing – and 42 per cent use it only occasionally.

The whitepaper addresses the questions of privacy and cost of SMS, and why SMS is a good marketing channel for SME and local businesses in particular.

“Mobile messaging can be hugely underestimated,” said Alastair Shortland, CEO & Founder of Textlocal. “Some businesses don’t realise the effectiveness of SMS which can be seen by anyone with a mobile phone. It’s a low-tech, cost effective way of reaching consumers instantly, and the technology is established and ready to go.”

The whitepaper also features a range of case studies of various companies which have worked with Textlocal, including Greenpeace, Card One, and the English National Opera, which saw an ROI of 16:1 on its SMS campaign.

You can download the whitepaper for free here.