TextMagic Rings Franchisees Bell

Like many business owners, Alan Hopgood, the Southend franchisee of the Kendlebell personal telephone answering service, is constantly seeking new ways to streamline day-to-day operations in order to save time and money. With over 200 clients using his service, Hopgood needed a way to simplify and secure the process by which clients were notified about their incoming calls and messages.
“The majority of our customers like to receive both an email and a text message to ensure that they aren't missing any crucial communication coming through the Kendlebell answering service,” he says. “We needed a belt and braces approach that would allow us to send SMS texts and emails simultaneously.”
He discovered TextMagic while researching his options on the Internet. “Prior to using TextMagic's Email to SMS service, we had to manually send an email and then re-send the same message by SMS, he says. TextMagic has simplified this greatly as we can now relay both types of messages with just one click from our screens. We simply added clients' TextMagic to their list of email addresses.”
An added benefit is that the TextMagic solution enables clients to reply to his text messages, which was not possible using the companys pevious, web-based text messaging systems. We have been using the TextMagic service for over 18 months now and we are very pleased with it.”