EDMAs 2021

Textmedia Launches Cash for Ads Offer

David Murphy

UK company Textmedia.biz has launched a service that pays UK mobile
phone owners for receiving ads on their phone. The company says it has
launched with 3 million subscribers.

TextMedia enables advertisers to deliver an SMS, MMS or WAP Push ad to
its subscribers handsets. Its free to subscribe, and subscribers earn
a commission of 1p for each text ad they receive. The money is credited
to their online account and once 500 text promotions have been
received, a £5 cheque is issued to them. TextMedia says it is aiming to
send 5-10 different ads per day to each subscriber.

TextMedia points out that it is the only advertising company that
rewards the receiver of the text message with a cash commission, rather
than vouchers or some other form of payment.
More information here.