TextOne Offers Cross-platform Mobile Messaging

David Murphy

ProcessOne has launched its TextOne messaging service for iPhone and Android. TextOne is a cross-platform, smartphone to smartphone messaging service and community, providing users with a free alternative to SMS with enhanced features and functionality. One nifty feature is group messaging with ‘reply all’ capability, enabling  users to reply to the full group, as opposed to just the original sender of a group message. Every message sent and received over the TextOne service uses the users existing data plan or wi-fi connection.

“With the advances in smartphones over the last couple of years traditional SMS services are becoming outdated, as users are demanding a more real-time and interactive means of communication, says ProcessOne CEO, Mickael Remond. “With the introduction of TextOne, we aim to break down the barriers between iPhone and Android users to provide them with a real-time messaging service. We are also looking at bringing TextOne to other platforms including Symbian and Blackberry in the near future, thereby creating a true cross-platform messaging platform.”

TextOne costs £0.59 for iPhone and Android.