The 1 Real Thing – Coca-Cola Campaign Targets Young Brazilians

Latin American beverage brand Coca-Cola FEMSA was aiming to promote the renewed availability of its 250ml mini-Coke product in Brazil, priced at 1 Real (£0.25), to the youth demographic of large urban areas.

Using StartMeApp’s AdSmart DSP, a direct response ad was delivered to the targeted demographic in the Greater São Paulo and Belo Horizonte areas.

The banner ads were displayed on premium mobile web sites and apps on Android and iOS devices over the course of a one-month period, 23 September – 22 October, 2013.

Over the course of the month, impressions reached 7.2m in São Paulo – generating 70,194 clicks, a one per cent CTR – and 1.8m in Belo Horizonte – 22,843 clicks, 1.32 per cent CTR.