The 10 best quotes from Masterclassings B2B Marketing Masterclass

In January, Mobile Marketing was acquired by digital marketing events company Masterclassing. Following this, Mobile Marketing will now be covering all of Masterclassing’s London Masterclass events in addition to its own Summit series.

At Masterclassing’s B2B Marketing Masterclass event in London yesterday (10 April), senior marketers from B2B brands were brought together with digital experts to discuss topics such as GDPR, data, content marketing, and more.

If you weren’t able to attend the conference, here are a selection of some of the best soundbites from the day.

“A good way of looking at GDPR is ‘is this an opportunity for us to start doing things the right way? Is this an opportunity for us, as an organisation, to look at things we probably missed or didn’t pay attention to for some reason? And this is an opportunity for us to put everything back together, put in the right processes’… Article 30, which is probably the backbone of GDPR, talks about records of processing. How do you process personal data and what impact does it have on the business in regards to your data subject.”

“You can’t bundle consent together. You can’t say ‘if you tick this box, we’re going to come to you with emails, with letters, with phone calls, and everything’. It has to be specific.”

Vipul Asher, CIPP/E account executive, OneTrust kicked off the event giving attendees the lowdown on next month’s implementation of GDPR.

“As we all know, a great content strategy isn’t made by three articles posted on a blog then never looked at again.”

“Having a strong, robust, and useful strategy in place should be something that gives more time but it’s hard to get the time to put that in place, if you’re already on the treadmill struggling.”

“You need to make sure that you really understand your customers and you’re reading their needs as effectively as possible… The key is really matching that to your strategy and how you’re going to be able to meet those needs of your clients.”

Having an effective content marketing strategy in place is key to getting across your business message, according to Claire Wilson, content strategy director at Stratton Craig.

“Don’t research that piece of content and then just let it sit there and wait for it to be found. Actually, you need to be pushing it out there too.”

Simon Douglas, founder of Curated Digital provided the audience with insights into how to effectively use content in combination with other digital marketing channels to drive more customers to your website.

“It’s not B2B, it’s B2Person. Whilst the audiences you’re talking to may not admit it, I bet a few of them watch the X Factor on a Saturday… What I’m not saying to B2B marketeers is to produce a shiny floor gameshow. What I am saying is to have the sensibility of the other content that your audiences are consuming and an understanding that it has to be professionally produced and well-done.”

“Think about the maximum amount of content and information you can get from one asset. How will it be used in multiple ways to achieve multiple different objectives?”

“You need to have a point of difference. If you’re looking at something that is the same as your competitor down the road, don’t bother, think again.”

According to James Erskine, managing director at The Big Shot, it’s important to have an understanding of the audience, as well as content from other sources, to get the most out of a content strategy.

“Content is very much key to your business and functions. I use it as often as possible. It’s also key to understand that content isn’t just one type, there’s hundreds of different types of content. So, making the best use of content for your business is what’s going to make your business much stronger than it currently is.”

Brad Chuck, marketing manager at Academia closed proceedings outlining how important content is to B2B marketing and provided a look at his company’s strategy.