The 10 Best Quotes from our Mobile Marketing Brand Summit

Yesterday was our Mobile Marketing Brand Summit, where we brought together a wide variety of brands with key thought leaders from the mobile marketing world to explore and discuss the future of mobile marketing, and how the latest technology can be used to engage consumers.

With mobile the dominant screen for most consumers, its more important than ever that brands know how best to reach, connect with and engage their audience using smartphones, tablets and new technologies like the Internet of Things. Our Summit gave brands an opportunity to connect with ad tech providers, industry experts and their peers to ask questions, challenge assumptions and hear about some of the latest developments and cutting-edge insights.

If you werent able to make it to the Summit, you missed out on some fantastic guidance from leading industry figures, but you can still access some of the gems of wisdom here, with our top 10 quotes from the day.

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“Todays luxury is tomorrows normality. If we study luxury, well be able to find the trends that will become common for middle-income users in 10 years time.”
Siddhartha Butalia, director of marketing, Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces

Our day was kicked off by Siddhartha Butalia from Taj Hotels, Resorts and Palaces, who walked us through how mobile was fundamentally changing the travel and luxury industries, and how brands had to adapt to keep on top of these trends.

“Creativity is an innate human skill, its something wee all have, but theres something about our usual processes in this industry that tamps that down.”
Tom Bradley, design director, Code Computerlove

Tom Bradley guided us through a new way to approach mobile design, and argued that in a world where technology moves so quickly, we have to adapt our processes to keep up with it, rather than perfecting projects that will quickly be out-of-date.

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“Customer decisioning is the future, and a number of banks and telcos are already implementing it. Using data we gather on customer decisions and values to put what matters most to that audience in front of them, straight away.”
Jeremy Ellis, marketing director, TUI UK & Ireland

In our panel debate, Jeremy Ellis of TUI discussed how the level of granular data that mobile is enabling brands to gather will transform how we communicate and market to consumers, and how customers are already demanding much more personalised content from the moment they arrive on a site.

“A lot of brands werent secure in this mobile revolution that weve stumbled into, and the trust still isnt there for many of them.”
Katy Halewood, head of Maxus for Business, Maxus

Katy joined Shanil Chande, senior agency sales manager at Tabmo, for a fireside chat on how B2B brands are navigating the new mobile age that enables them to connect on a much more personal level with business decision makers, and what these brands can do to improve their overall technology understanding.brand summit 2

“The future of payments is making it seamless. Its voice, its biometric, its removing even the card from the equation. Making a person tokenisable, rather than a card. Removing all the barriers.”
David Barclay, vice president of mobile market development, Barclays

In our Ask Me Anything session, David Barclay was asked where the digital payments revolution would take us, and predicted a future where payments are no longer connected back to a card, but instead users themselves are all thats needed to identify and approve payments.

“These are experiences that improve the user experience, and can drive people towards a certain end. Its about making your traditional elements relevant in the digital world.”
Chris Burgess, head of professional services, Aurasma

Chris Burgess from Aurasma detailed how augmented reality can be used to bridge the worlds of digital advertising and traditional channels like print and direct mail, creating a more measurable, seamless path to purchase that complements both elements and functions as an essential part of an omnichannel approach to marketing.

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“The smartphone has been a game changer in the daily lives of mums, and has had more influence than anyone could have predicted.”
Rimi Atwal, managing director, Netmums

Our two speakers from Netmums gave us an overview on how the site had evolved alongside the mobile revolution, and how smartphones were the perfect channel for reaching their busy, time-conscious audience with regular, high quality content across a variety of platforms.

“Internal applications are the biggest opportunity in mobile that has yet to be really opened up. In five years, youll join a company and the boss will say Head to our app store and download this game, download this program.”
Mike Hawkyard, director, Amuzo

During our Ask Me Anything session, Mike Hawkyard of Amuzo pointed to the enterprise market as one of the largest opportunities for growth, as large companies embraced working on mobile, and established their own dedicated app stores for internal software, training and more.

“You need to take advantage of the strengths mobile offers. If youre just using Passbook to put a digital version of your paper boarding pass on someones smartphone, youre not doing it right.”
Ilicco Elia, head of mobile, DigitasLBi

Also during our Ask Me Anything segment, Ilicco Elia suggested that brands need to look beyond simple porting desktop experiences onto mobile and truly embrace the native features that smartphones offer, like touch-based interactions and geolocation, if they want their apps, mobile websites and ads to truly capture the public imagination.

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“The start point is always to try and understand people. Not just looking at data, but understanding the rational and emotional reasons that people act the way they do.”
Hattie Whiting, managing director, Kitcatt Nohr

Hattie Whiting from Kittcat Nohr joined Ilicco Elia to discuss how mobile can affect the relationship between a brand and consumers, creating a more personal and intimate bond that strengthened emotional loyalty, as long as brands were willing to respond to what consumers were telling them.

If youre interested in hearing these sorts of insights into a variety of verticals and technology areas, our 2017 Summits site is live, with events covering Retail, Finance, Programmatic and more. Click here to find out more.