The complete guide to mobile app monetization on iOS 14

September is just around the corner, and with it comes the arrival of Apple’s new user privacy regulations for iOS 14. Although its release date is yet to be finalized, the update will drastically change how advertisers can target users on iOS.

The biggest question now is, how can advertisers start getting ready, to make sure they’re one step ahead once iOS 14 launches?

To help you navigate these changes, Adjust has created a new guide that breaks down everything you need to consider and what actions you should prioritize now in order to be prepared for iOS14’s release in September.

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In preparation for these major changes, app developers will need to work through a checklist of actions that includes:

° Reviewing how you use IDFA and what effect its absence will have.

° Getting started on how your consent mechanism will work and how you can already work to optimize it to ensure more users opt in.

° Forming new strategies for user acquisition and monetization that are feasible and sustainable once the new privacy regulations take effect.

For more information about iOS 14s user privacy regulation and how to work through these steps, download the complete guide to mobile app monetization on iOS 14 from Adjust.