The Conversation Manager Heads For the iPad

InSites Consulting has released what it says is the first management book for the iPad. It’s an enriched multimedia book of The Conversation Manager, which offers pictures, videos, presentations and web links. The app also features exclusive videos in which author Steven Van Belleghem provides a brief summary of the chapters of the book.

“As my book covers the integration of online and offline marketing, I believed it was important to publish a digital version,” says Van Belleghem. “This app goes even further than a traditional e-book. The enriched version uses the strengths of the iPad to give the book an extra dimension. By the direct connection to the internet you can check the examples, movies, presentations, etc. instantly.”

The book considers the way in which, in recent years, the internet has evolved from a static to a social platform. The book’s premise is that this evolution has had an impact on the way consumers communicate and take purchasing decisions, so much so that advertising in the traditional way no longer works. The Conversation Manager claims to offers a solution by retraining advertisers as ‘Conversation Managers, who and listen and talk to consumers. There’s more information here.