The Cybersmile Foundation partners with St. Moriz to promote body positivity

Gabby Fernie

The Cybersmile Foundation, a non-profit organisation committed to digital wellbeing and tackling cyberbullying has launched a 12 month partnership with self-tanning brand, St. Moriz to raise awareness of positive body image. 

As part of the partnership, Cybersmile have developed an interactive educational module designed to highlight the importance of establishing and maintaining a positive body image while directing internet users to key support services which focus on all aspects of physical and mental wellbeing.

This module is a valuable addition to the Cybersmile Education Program, which is used by people of all ages to learn about various aspects of digital wellbeing.

Cybersmile and St. Moriz will also work to encourage internet users to be mindful of their self-image and how social media and internet use can affect their perspective in both positive and negative ways.

“We are excited to be joining forces with St. Moriz to raise awareness of such an important issue. So many young people are struggling with problems related to body image, including low self-esteem, low body confidence and mental health issues. Understanding how to process the different influences and opinions online in a healthy and productive way is crucial for our wellbeing” said Co-Founder of The Cybersmile Foundation, Dan Raisbeck.