The Essentials of Multi-Touch Attribution

Cross channel campaigns are increasingly essential in mobile marketing, but to demonstrate the connection between each campaign and its real-world impact on growth, you need to be able to truly understand your conversions and where they came from.

To do this, you need to look beyond first-touch and last-touch, and follow your customers on their entire journey. That’s where Multi-Touch Attribution comes into play.

Multi-Touch Attribution comes with its own challenges and marketers must overcome a series of hurdles to implement it whilst also ensuring that they choose the right approach that fits their needs.

Adjust’s latest guide, The Essentials of Multi-Touch Attribution, gives marketers everything they need to know take it on successfully:

• Learn how each Multi-Touch Attribution model works
• Tips and tools for adapting to this new approach
• Best practices for taking on MTA.

Download the guide today to give your campaigns with Multi-Touch Attribution.