The Guardian: 90 Per Cent of New Digital Visits in 2014 Were from Mobile

Guardian Lee Fels
The Guardians Lee Fels speaking at IAB Mobile Engage this afternoon

The Guardian been outlining its commitment to mobile and other tech at the IAB Mobile Engage event in London.
Speaking as part of a one-woman/two-man team, the Guardian’s head of mobile and video, Lee Fels, said the publisher’s approach to technology is centred around three tenets: put the user at the centre; try new stuff; and embrace partnerships and the future.

Fels then told delegates that the Guardian saw 500m new visits to its digital content during 2014, 90 per cent of which were from mobile.

“The gap in visits from mob to desktop is widening,” said Felds. “It’s not reversible, it’s going to be exacerbated and we all need to gear up for it…We are following where the user is.”

Earlier today at the event, the IAB’s resident psychologist, Dr. Simon Hampton, offered a cautionary note around the Internet of Things, telling delegates that if connected household appliances started collecting data on every aspect of people’s lives and feeding it back to them, people would start tuning out if the data told them things they don’t want to hear.

“People don’t mind surveillance,” he said. “The trouble with information is when it starts to reflect back to us what we dont want to hear.”

Today is the sixth and last-ever IAB Mobile Engage. From next year onwards, the IAB is expanding its main Autumn Engage conference into a two-day event, with mobile content folded into that event.