The Hardest Place To Get an iPhone Developer Job

If you’re an iPhone developer looking for a job in the US, you should steer well clear of Detroit. That’s the conclusion of a study carried out by FoneGigs, which compiled a list of America’s easiest and hardest cities for finding web, iPhone and Android developer jobs, based on cities with a population of 100,000 or more, using data from the United States Census Bureau and online job aggregator

In Detroit, fonegigs found there were just 0.0066 developer job postings per 1,000 head of population. Fort Worth, Jacksonville, Phoenix and Houston also fare badly, in terms of the number of iPhone developer job postings per 1,000 head of population.

The study found that there were a similar number of job listings for both Android and iPhone developer jobs (5,497 vs. 5,677). Average salaries are roughly equivalent, with Android developers earning $95,000 annually compared to $93,000 for iPhone developers.

There’s more information and stats from the study here.