Immutouch bracelet aims to fight coronavirus advance by buzzing when you touch your face

The team behind Slightly Robot, a device that buzzes when the wearer picks their skin, bites their nails or pulls their hair, has released a version designed to help combat the spread of the coronavirus.

Immutouch is a bracelet that vibrates when the wearer touches his or her face, to remind them what they just did and prevent them from doing it again. As the company points out on its website, all the expert advise suggests that avoiding touching your eyes, nose and mouth is the surest way to avoid falling sick. The device needs a smartphone app to set it up, but thereafter, can be used independently. A phone can be paired with up to two bands for setup.

A gravimeter in the Immutouch band uses a personalizable algorithm to track hand position and alert the user instantly to any hazardous gestures. Each Immutouch band can be calibrated for the user’s own movements and desired sensitivity. The phone also records each touch so the user can track their progress over time.

The Immutouch currently costs $49.99 but the company says it hopes to bring down the cost as it is able to put in higher-volume orders. It even goes so far on its website as to share the cost of producing each unit, which is $36.23 for materials, and $7.89 for assembly, giving a gross profit per unit sold of $5.87.