The Killing gets Real-Time Interactive Campaign

Hong Kong marketing messaging company TheTMSway has partnered with FOX International in the Asia-Pacific region to bring an interactive fan campaign to the new suspense series The Killing

The company has created a short code that is integrated into promotional trailers for The Killing. Viewers can enter this code into their device at, which gives them instant access to an optimised, localised mobile site. This site allows viewers to interact, vote on polls, watch previews of forthcoming episodes, and receive exclusive trailers from FOX. 

The voting functionality allows the audience to vote on which character they think is the killer, and each week the site reveals the audiences prime suspects. TheTMSway has also integrated social aspects to the site – fans can share, Like and recommend the content to friends via email, Facebook, and Twitter. 

In terms of marketing, TheTMSway says it provides FOX with high-value metrics and data in real-time from the viewer interactions.