The Miko 2 robot is coming to North America for the first time

Miko, an advanced consumer robotics innovation lab, has announced the pre-order of the Miko 2 robot for children in North America. Since 2015, the conversational Miko robot has been a popular educational toy for kids across Asia, so the company decided to give North American families the option to order the robot in time for the holidays. Starting this week, parents can pre-order the robot on for $299, choose from three colors, and recieve guarenteed delivery by the holiday season. 

Miko, which was founded by engineers, educators, and psychologists, created the Miko 2 robot so that children had a fun, interactive way to learn and analyze their environments. Miko 2 uses artificial intelligence and voice recognition technology to see, hear, sense, express, talk, recognize its surroundings and familiar faces, remember names, identify moods, and start conversations.

“As a father, Miko’s mission is close to my heart. We hope to see children learn and grow with our product and are thrilled to bring it to North American families, especially after the interest and support that we’ve received in Asia,” said founder and CEO Sneh Vaswani.

Miko 2 includes educational features such as fun facts, quizzes, and story apps. The product is also parent-friendly, so parents have the ability to control the robot’s capabilities through the Miko app. Parents can view analytics based on their child’s interests, limit the amount of playtime with Miko, and pick and choose conversational topics that the Miko 2 robot initiates.

“We have four children in our family who range in age from six to 12 and Miko teaches each of them something new and age appropriate. Miko makes it fun for them to learn and play while I’m reassured that they’re not spending idle time in front of the TV or on their phones,” said Pooja Jain, a mother of four based in India.