The Mobile Advertising Landgrab


After fighting our way through the traffic, we finally made it in to the Fira for another day of back-to-back meetings. First up is Mobixell, a veteran of the mobile business, having been providing multimedia solutions to network operators since 2000.
The companys current big push is on mobile advertising. It has secured one major deployment with a Tier 1 European operator, and has several pilot projects underway.
The companys mobile advertising solution, Ad-It, inserts ads dynamically into mobile web pages, based on the profile of the user, and the capabilities of the device. 
Mobixell Senior VP, Marketing, Avi Levy, says he is confident mobile advertising will take off, but says 2009-10 is a more realistic timescale than the one being put forward by some.
We need to keep working on trials and deals and proving the concept, says Levi. The operators want targeted advertising.
The demo offered by Mobixell is certainly impressive, but theres a real landgrab going on out there for mobile ad-serving solutions, with all the major players trying to secure deals with the mobile networks. One thing is for sure: whichever technology company they partner with, by this time next year, the major operators will be a lot further down the mobile advertising path than they are now. Lets hope they dont abuse their relationship with their customers, because if customers are bombarded with too much advertising on their mobile, theyll just vote with their feet. Who knows, while Blyk markets itself as the ad-funded network, a couple of years from now, its not hard to imagine someone coming up with the idea of an ad-free network.
If it happens, remember, like the dog you can text, you read it here first.