The Mobile Internet is Four Times Faster in New York than London

Ever fancied, or even heard of Snodland? RootMetrics, an independent mobile network tester, has found that the Kent town offers the fastest mobile internet speed for commuters travelling into the capital. And forget it if you think speedy downloads can be made in the City or Soho. Instead, head to Blackwood Avenue in Chingford Mount, which recorded a massive 12.95MBps on O2s network.

The company compared London and New Yorks mobile internet and found that the US citys average speeds are four times faster than the UK – downloads in the US are around 8.5MBps, compared to 2.265MBps in the UK. Average upload speed is 4Mbps vs. 1MBps.

3 was the best mobile operator overall for Londoners and commuters using the internet and sending texts. O2 was second, Vodafone third, Orange fourth and T-Mobile fifth.

Commuters living in Chelmsford, Maidstone and Guildford get significantly slower mobile internet across all networks than people living in Watford, Slough and Dorking. Although Vodafone was by far and away the best prodiver in Chelmsford – and quickest overall for Greater London – it was the worst performer in Guildford.

“With mobile internet use soaring, having a fast, reliable data connection has become as important as having a consistent mobile signal,” said RootMetrics CEO and president Bill Moore. “It’s quite amazing to find such a vast disparity in services between two cities that are rival destinations for global business and tourism.”

RootMetrics is already gearing up for a further comparison study when 4G launches in the UK, having already tested 78 US cities earlier in 2012.

Curious Londoners can access service maps and download a free app to run their own tests from RootMetrics.