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Yesterday, we announced our shortlist for the Effective Mobile Marketing Awards, with a wide range of brands and agencies from around the globe nominated across 29 categories. However, these arent the only awards well be handing out on the night.

Now in their third year, our People’s Choice Awards give the mobile marketing industry the chance to decide the winners in four key categories. In each category – Mobile Marketer of the Year, Most Effective Brand, Ad or Marketing Tech Platform of the Year and Start-up of the Year – weve run through the very best of the past year and taken your recommendations on board to pick six contenders, which you can see with a brief description below.

You can pick your winner by voting in our survey before midnight UK time on Friday 14 October.

The winners will be announced at the Awards Ceremony on Thursday 17 November. For more details on the event, click here.

Mobile Marketer of the Year

Adam Brotman, chief digital officer, Starbucks – Brotman leads Starbucks core digital businesses, including its mobile payments, eCommerce and loyalty programmes. He helped develop the firms digital platform strategy, delivering both customer-facing and enterprise software that has helped the company develop into a digitally-agile firm with a strong mobile focus.

Andy Donkin, global CMO, Under Armour – Donkin joined Under Armour from Amazon, where he had spearheaded the creative campaigns for the Kindle, Echo, Amazon Prime and more. Now at Under Armour, he has helped the brand build on its strong mobile focus and growing network of fitness apps with creative campaigns that use mobile as a central pillar.

Betsy Paynter, digital media manager, Heineken – As digital media manager at Heineken USA, Paynter has worked on some of the industrys most innovative and talked-about campaigns and helped Heineken transition to a mobile-first brand through a tight focus on data and bridging the online and offline worlds.

Jonathan Milne, chief revenue officer, Celtra – Over the past 12 months, Milne has helped redefine what creative means for mobile through his innovative approach, and has built meaningful relationships with brands, agencies and more. He oversaw Celtras international growth in EMEA and APAC, and is omnipresent at every event and conference, acting as an ambassador for the company.

Sienne Veit, director of online product, John Lewis – Veit drove early adoption of mobile at Marks & Spencers, spearheading the growth of mCommerce, and now as director of online product at John Lewis, she has used her wealth of mobile experience to oversee numerous award-winning campaigns, as well as integrating mobile further into the core of the customer experience at the firm.

Ed Romaine, CMO, Kargo – Mobile ad firm Kargo has had a fantastic year, expanding internationally and launching its powerful mobile programmatic platform. Joining Kargo from the publishing world, Romaine has been a key figure in its successes, overseeing the companys growth and connecting with both brands and publishers to deliver the firms advertising automation tools and mobile-centred creative campaigns.

Most Effective Brand

Amazon – The online retail giant continues to dominate on mobile as more consumers make use of their smartphones when shopping online. The debut of the Echo smart speaker with Amazons digital assistant Alexa, along with the launch of Dash Buttons, has helped bridge the divide between digital and physical, as has the launch of a number of pop-up stores across America.

British Airways – British Airways has consistently been an early adopter of new technologies on mobile, making use of iOS Passbook, mobile check-in and more as methods of streamlining the travel experience. As a brand, the company has focused more on mobile advertising over the past year, and embraced the use of beacons within airports.

Jaguar Landrover – The British auto manufacturer has long been a leader in delivering fantastic mobile-centric ads that push the limits of what is possible on smartphones. The firm has embraced innovative formats including virtual reality and 360 video to produce unique campaigns that showcase its vehicles and build its brand.

Starbucks – A true driver in terms of mobile loyalty adoption, Starbucks has also added mobile ordering and payment to its offerings in a seamless fashion, introducing millions of consumers to mCommerce thanks to massive levels of adoption and use on an everyday basis.

Target – The US retail brand reliably creates innovative mobile tools for shoppers that take full advantage of the native capabilities that modern smartphones offer. Its mobile couponing app Cartwheel has seen huge adoption, with 27m  registered users and $600m saved by consumers over the course of three years.

Unilever – Unilever has invested heavily in innovation through its Next Big Thing programme which supports startups and growth in the mobile sphere, and as an advertiser, its various brands have used multiple creative formats on mobile to reach and connect with consumers.

Ad or Marketing Tech Platform of the Year

AppNexus – One of the largest independent ad tech firms, AppNexus has been an early adopter of programmatic trends like header bidding, and has expanded its video and viewability capabilities over the past year. It has also celebrated exciting new deals with publishers and platforms including LinkedIn, and a recent investment by News Corp.

Celtra – Celtra has maintained a strong programmatic presence this year with a focus on improving viewability metrics and developing innovative formats with mobile-native features like vertical video. With increasing investment in video advertising, the firm is well-positioned to continue going from strength to strength.

Smartly – A marketing partner with Facebook and Instagram, Smartly has developed tools for large-scale advertisers using the social networks that automate their advertising, eliminating traditionally manual tasks for some of the largest global advertisers, and helping to streamline campaign management and improve efficiencies.

SpotX – SpotX has acted as an evangelist for destroying the walled garden approach to programmatic, with recent deals with LiveRamp and Vice expanding the firms video capabilities and cross-screen targeting. The company has continued international expansion over the past year, and continues to strengthen in-app targeting for video advertising, which is predicted to be a key area over the next few years.

UberMedia – UberMedia processes billions of social, demographic and location signals daily for Fortune 500 companies across the retail, automotive and entertainment sectors, transforming mobile behavioural data into actionable business intelligence. The ad tech platform also provides advertising and measurement solutions powered by the data it gathers.

xAd – Focusing on the power of location and refining the accuracy of mobile data has resulted in great growth for xAd, placing the firm in an important central role in the industry as proximity, geo-fencing and other location tools become more widely used. The company has acted as an ambassador for the opportunities that mobile can provide through location data, and is now reaping the rewards.

Startup of the Year

Carwow – Led by 29-year-old co-founder and CEO James Hind, UK car purchasing app Carwow hopes to disrupt the traditional second-hand car market with its innovative system. Rather than making consumers haggle down individual dealers, dealers compete to provide the best bid to customers. The unique approach saves customers an average of £3,600 on list prices for cars, and the app has just begun international expansion into Europe.

Dice – Dice is a mobile-first music discovery and ticketing app that enables consumers to avoid the price-inflating fees from similar services like Ticketmaster and See Tickets by dealing directly with artists. The app has been highly praised within the music industry and the tech sphere, with high profile backers including the founders of DeepMind and the creator of Monument Valley. Over 700 artists including Taylor Swift, Jack White and Justin Bieber have sold tickets through the app, and it has recently seen an additional $6m in investment. – is a conversational shopping app that aims to bring the rich customer experience of bricks-and-mortar retail to online interactions by connecting customers with real-life sales associates using live video. Associates can make instant recommendations, showcase new collections and boost their sales. The app has been adopted by brands including Made, Sefton and Tokyobike, and has been called the “Uberfication of retail”.

Minicabit – A graduate of Dragons Den, Minicabit is a London-based ride-hailing startup that enables users to compare prices and features from hundreds of operators, ensuring they receive the best deal, and encouraging competition. The service has already won App of the Year at the Startup Awards 2015, and is aiming to increase its coverage to over 1,000 fleets and beyond the 40 cities it currently operates in. – is a French mobile video startup thats aiming to disrupt the live-streaming and on-demand video markets with a freemium model that blends the two together, enabling live and on-demand consumption. Users can access 35 channels and 10 hours of recording for free, paying to increase their storage or access more channels, including a selection of movies. Most notably, Molotov has managed to sign up every major French network, as well as a large number of smaller channels and digital-only services.

Zenreach – Zenreach is an automated marketing startup that provides free in-store wi-fi for consumers while helping retailers and the hospitality industry to connect and engage with customers, and bridge the physical/digital divide. In San Francisco, the company estimates that over a third of the population has logged into its service at some point. The startup emerged from stealth earlier this year with $30m in Series B funding and a new board member in the form of Peter Thiel.

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