The Search Agency Acquires MoFuse to Improve Marketing Platform

search mo fuse dealMarketing firm The Search Agency has completed the acquisition of mobile web solutions company MoFuse. The deal enables The Search Agency to offer a more comprehensive digital marketing solution with a more robust mobile web management platform and search marketing solution.

The MoFuse platform will be integrated into The Search Agencys existing AdMax Local platform as part of the acquisition, enabling resellers of paid search to operate on a hyper-local level with their campaigns. The platform will also allow resellers to manage both the landing page and traffic generation of their sites, leading to better optimisation and driving better leads for their products and services.

“Marketers that are creating online local campaigns must focus on presences, leads and activation,” said Ben Gibsom, global managing director of AdMax Local and international agency services at The Search Agency. “Before you can create a digital marketing campaign, you must establish an online and mobile presence to be easily found by new and existing customers.

“With the acquisition of MoFuse, The Search Agency can now manage both the site creation and the generation of traffic to direct to those destinations. This comprehensive experience will drive more calls and greater lead volume while inciting more website visits, allowing them to meet their revenue goals quicker.”