The Secrets of MVNO Success

The Besen Group, an international mobile data industry management consulting practice, has revealed what it believes are the key factors for MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) success.
The company says that a successful MVNO will be the one who understands the lifestyle of its target segment in terms of mobility, and meets their needs by delivering branded mobile product and mobile data services. According to The Besen Group, the key MVNO success factors are:

  • Funding
  • Branding
  • Selection of partners
  • Go-To-Market-Strategy
  • Existing & loyal customer base
  • Access to open mobile Internet
  • Management team with hands-on mobile experience
  • Understanding the capabilities and limitations of current mobile networks, including 3G and 4G mobile broadband technologies and applications

Given the multiple number of MVNO failures in the US and abroad, we continue to believe that the MVNO business model is disruptive and provides a great business opportunity to companies and investors who best understand the converged mobile ecosystem, says Besen Group Founder, Alex Besen. We expect many new players to enter the mobile market as MVNOs, including cable companies, credit card companies, European football clubs, competitive local exchange carriers, computer and handset manufacturers, software companies, retail banks, big box retailers, electronic and entertainment device manufacturers, satellite and international mobile operators.

You can download the Besen Groups MVNO Service Portfolio brochure here.