The State of Web Accessibility

Have you considered how accessible your website and mobile apps are to people with impairments that affect their vision or hearing?

Possibly not, but it’s an issue you can’t afford to ignore. Failing to make your digital properties accessible is the equivalent of having a physical store with stairs up to the entrance, but no ramp for wheelchair users. Are you willing to let those potential customers go, while also assuming the risk of litigation?

The number of private lawsuits being brought against companies whose digital properties fail the accessibility and inclusivity test are increasing exponentially.

Taking a large, sprawling website that has not been built with accessibility in mind and making it accessible can look like a daunting task, but there is a method and a process for doing so. It involves helping companies make the most urgent quick fixes to the key pages and flows rapidly, while also enabling them to address the wider issues across their digital properties in the longer term.

To start on the journey to making your digital properties accessible to all, click here to download Usablenet’s whitepaper, The State of Web Accessibility now.