The Top 10 Quotes from the Mobile Gambling Summit

  • Thursday, September 18th, 2014
  • Author: Tim Maytom
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gambling summitThe Mobile Gambling Summit provided some terrific insights into the way mobile technology is bringing disruption and innovation to the gambling sector, and creating opportunities for permanent change. The day saw 17 great presentations from brands including Betfair, Coral and Twitter, and mobile experts like Localytics, Millennial Media and Donky. Weve gathered together 10 of the best one-liners from the day for your enjoyment, which youll find below.

“If you take anything away from this presentation, it should be throw out the online rule book – the world is now appified.”

-Anju Aggarwal, global product marketing director at Localytics, explored how crucial it was for brands to take advantage of the opportunities apps provide, and how the landscape is evolving, giving companies more and more chances to engage their consumers.

“Most of the sports personalities weve signed up want to be able to discuss their passion for other sports, outside their professional field.”

BreatheSport-Barry Holihan, founder and CEO of BreatheSport, walked us through how his company is creating a mobile-first experience that finds a space between editorially-led media channels and social media, where rewards are based on engagement, activity and the production of content.

“The first screen drives the emotion, the excitement and the impact; the second screen drives the interaction.”

-Chris Gilbody, Key Accounts manager at Twitter, explored how we are never truly offline anymore, with statistics showing we check our phones 110 times a day, and 89 per cent of UK students admitting they feel phantom vibrations at least once a fortnight. Read more about Chris presentation here.

“Mobile has become a mainstream connection point, but businesses are still trying to catch up.”

-Emma Crowe, senior vice president of client strategy for Somo, explored how increasingly connected consumers are giving brands more chances than ever to win big, with an explosion of Internet of Things devices expected in the next five years providing marketers with more data than ever that can be used to segment and target consumers.

“You need to understand where people go, and what points of engagement you can get with them.”

Matthew Hopkinson, director of The Local Data Company, addressed the changing face of bricks-and-mortar betting shops as they increasingly move onto the high street, the controversy they face and what these factors mean for their mobile counterparts.

“How are we rewarding the fickle customers? How are we tailoring an experience to the customers interests?”

-Rob Thurner, managing partner at Burn The Sky, spoke about the need to truly tailor mobile content to the user, and move from product development to customer development, where consumers become brand advocates.

debate 1

“The cost to access mobile marketing is much lower, and it brings new ways to engage your customers – more access, more contact and more sessions.”

Ad4Screens Patrick Mareuil spoke during our debate about how the mobile sphere is driving innovation thanks to the combination of brands experimenting with new formats and the high level of engagement you can achieve thanks to mobiles ubiquity and personal nature.

“The desire to win takes over, especially in men –  I call it idiotic competition.”

Dr Simon Hampton, lecturer in psychology at the University of East Anglia, talked about the psychology behind gambling and risk taking, and how people have the tendency to bet more and more when they lose, in an attempt to recover their debt.

“Creating great content is important because your fans can become your content carriers.”

During her presentation, Tania Seif, head of social marketing for Coral, spoke about the power of social media, and how engaging fans in conversations on social media can create ripples that drive your brand and keep consumers returning to your services.

“Once people switch off push, youve lost your voice and youve lost your connection to the audience.”

Paul Putman, CEO of Donky, explored how push notifications are used to maintain or re-engage activity for mobile companies, managing the customer lifestyle and communications through automated, and how gambling already has some of the best CRM data available, but without connecting it to mobile, that information is wasted.