The Weather Company Launches Animated Branded Background Ad Solution

Weather Channel Moana snipThe Weather Company has rolled out an animated branded background advertising solution for The Weather Channel app. The company said the ads take native advertising to the next level by integrating brands seamlessly into the weather experience for The Weather Channel app’s audience of nearly 15m daily US consumers.

The full-screen animated branded backgrounds will appear on the current forecast screen in the mobile app. Based on the current weather conditions at the user’s location, the branded backgrounds will change to mimic the local elements, whether it is cloudy, sunny, rainy or wintry, with the animations subtly bringing life to the weather conditions depicted.

Walt Disney Animation Studios will be the first brand to leverage the solution to promote its upcoming movie, Moana. Full-screen animated visuals featuring the lead characters, Moana, Maui and friends will be displayed on the current forecast screen, under translucent weather content, encouraging users to buy tickets for the film in 3D at The film opens on 23 November.