The Week in Mobile Marketing

Effective_Mobile_Marketing_Awards (57)As the first full week of the new look Mobile Marketing site draws to a close,

This week, weve put a particular focus on location, with guest columns about how geo-location is being used in the gambling industry and Apples Bluetooth-powered iBeacon, as well as a review of location-based social media app Tapastreet, and an interview with Paul Thompson from Blis Media, who believes his company has found the holy grail of location-based advertising.

David Murphy also kicked off his new column, Murphys Law, with a piece on whether location alone is enough, and what other contextual data can be drawn in by apps and services to offer a more personalised mobile experience.

We also headed down to a Harris + Hoole coffee shop in London to find out more about what the Tesco-backed chain is doing with mobile, from its loyalty and ordering app to a recent hackathon. You can watch our video interview with director of digital experience Danielle Anderson here.

Last night saw the 2013 Effective Mobile Marketing Awards. Our coverage of the event was hard to miss in, but just in case, check out the full list of winners, as well as our gallery of photos from the night.

And of course, it would be remiss of me not to mention that today is Black Friday, marking the beginning of the pre-Christmas online shopping frenzy. Expect to hear a lot more about the role mobile played this weekend – whether today, Cyber Monday or Super Tablet Sunday – next week.

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Alex Spencer