The WFA is taking proposals on how to implement industry standards

The World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) is seeking ideas and suggestions from member companies on how to improve key issues included in the WFA’s Global Media Charter, which was published in 2018. Upon release, the Charter was supported by over 100 brand owners and 60 national advertiser associations, and has already been translated into the Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish languages.

The Global Media Charter includes eight sections, or “principles of partnership”, which highlight essential guidelines for a thriving advertising ecosystem, including zero tolerance to ad fraud, strict brand safety protection, minimum viewability thresholds, and improved standards with data transparency.

In an effort to enforce these guidelines and maintain a safe and effective digital environment, the World Federation of Advertisers has asked anyone in the industry to submit proposals for “accelerating progress against” five advertising issues included in the Global Media Charter.

Proposals must include solutions to ad fraud, ensuring strict brand safety protection, increasing media transparency throughout the supply-chain, addressing “walled garden” issues, and improving the user experience. Participants also have the option of addressing how to enhance cross-industry partnerships and collaboration to drive growth.

Submissions are due by March 4th, and will be reviewed by WFA’s Global Media Board, chaired by P&G’s Gerry D’Angelo and Mastercard’s Ben Jankowski. The Global Media Board is comprised of representatives from 15 established companies, including Diageo, GSK, Philips, Adidas, and Unilever. The top 10 proposals will be presented at the WFA Media Forum on March 27th, during Global Marketer Week in Lisbon.