The WHO integrates Yext Answer search bar on official website

Alyssa Clementi

Today, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced it will be incorporating Yext’s site search product, Yext Answers, to the official WHO website, which will allow anyone to search for legitimate answers to COVID-19 questions. Once the Yext Answer search bar is added to the WHO’s website, people will be able to enter in any COVID-19 related question and will be redirected to the official WHO answer and information page. Yext has made the Answers tool free for goverments and organizations for the duration of the COVID-19 crisis

“We're happy to help the World Health Organisation answer people’s critical questions about COVID-19 at a global scale,” said Howard Lerman, founder and CEO, Yext. “Millions of people worldwide turn to the WHO every day for accurate information about the coronavirus. With Yext Answers, the WHO can deliver up-to-date, official answers so people can make informed decisions for themselves and their families.”

“We thank Yext for lending their Answers product and resources to help the World Health Organisation implement a critical tool that will benefit millions around the globe during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Christopher Strebel, manager of digital content experience, WHO. “As the world looks to defeat this virus, it is critical for the public and private sectors to come together with innovative solutions to help as many people as possible.”