Theorem Rich Media Ads Drive ESPN Hub App Downloads

Media operations and creative services business Theorem has worked with ESPN to deliver a web execution of rich media advertising around the sport brand’s Nokia ESPN Hub application. 

The ESPN Hub comes preloaded on millions of Lumia handsets, providing scores, stats, news, analysis and video highlights from more than a dozen sports.

Working with ESPN’s team, Theorem has produced a series of expandable, interactive 300 x 600 Flash ad units, built using Google’s DoubleClick studio platform. The ad unit will feature on ESPN sites in the UK and S. African markets.

The execution replicates the real-life user interface for the handset, enabling consumers to interact with Nokia’s distinctive Windows ‘tiles’ by using their mouse icon to select hosted content, live feeds and social media comments. When the user clicks on one of the tiles, they see the content that would be displayed in that part of the app. There’s also a separate ad unit at the bottom which directs the user to the Nokia store to buy the phone.

“Theorem’s experience in rich media execution made the company a good fit for ESPN’s Nokia hub advertising activity,” said ESPN group sales director, Alan Fagan. “The ads are innovative and help us deliver a unique added value in our broad partnership with Nokia.”