Launches Transactional Ticketing App is releasing a new version of its mobile app that will allow travellers to buy train tickets on the move via a mobile app for the first time. The free app will be available for the iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Nokia and “many other” mobiles.

The app first launched via Apple’s app store in October 2009 with free instant train timetabling and journey planning functions. It has rarely been out of the top 5 free travel apps since, and has been downloaded over 750,000 times. Users of the existing iPhone app will be automatically notified of the free upgrade once it has gone live.

“ app is an exciting innovation in the rail industry which we’re confident will bring about a step change in how people buy train tickets,” says Richard Rowson, product development director at “We’ve not just replicated the website on the mobile, but completely tailored the proposition for the mobile traveller. Taking advantage of the personalised nature and location awareness of phones, it becomes possible to buy a train ticket by simply tapping Next train home – far quicker and easier than any website or ticket machine can currently offer,” says Rowson. 

“Anyone buying a train ticket via app will be able to collect it from any of almost 1,000 stations. will also be enabling the ability on selected routes for the ticket to be delivered directly to the phone as a secure barcode, replacing the need for a paper ticket.”