ThinkPads Go Gobi

PC maker Lenovo will incorporate Qualcomms new Gobi2000 technology into upcoming ThinkPad laptops in the X, T and W Series next year, to enable global 3G connectivity. The Gobi-equipped laptops will provide business users with extensive wireless broadband access both domestically and internationally by leveraging the wide availability of both EV-DO and HSPA wireless networks around the world.
Businesses deploying ThinkPad laptops with Gobi technology will be able to standardize on a single hardware platform that can be deployed globally, says Qualcomm. Each region has the flexibility to provision 3G connectivity on an as-needed basis, and to their preferred carrier, based on the coverage and pricing plans available in their area. If an employee relocates to a different region or is travelling outside the home coverage area, Gobi technology supports the ability to switch carriers without having to swap data cards and/or reinvest in a new laptop. Gobi technology also includes an integrated GPS receiver for enabling location-based services such as asset tracking, real-time data protection, geo-fencing and navigation.
Gobi mobile Internet connectivity will give our business PC users the convenience of using one simple, built-in device to provide mobile broadband access around the world, says Sam Dusi, Vice President, Worldwide ThinkPad Product Marketing for Lenovo. This flexible, multi-carrier solution allows mobile workers to seamlessly connect to new broadband networks as they change locations, while simplifying the work of IT managers, to support users around the globe with a single laptop model.”