Three UK sponsors new series of Gogglebox with ‘second screeners’ campaign

Three UK has launched a new sponsorship campaign focused on the different ways people use their phones whilst watching TV.

The campaign debuted during Channel 4’s 23rd season of Gogglebox on Friday [16 February 2024] and features Craig Cash’s famous narration.

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The ad comes as the mobile service provider revealed that 90% of the public scroll through phones whilst watching TV. As a result, Three’s “second screeners” campaign mimics the findings through a series of new relatable mobile moments played out by four British families watching the Channel 4 show on a Friday night.

Three UK Head of Sponsorships and Activations, James Sutton said: “Three’s sponsorship of the show goes from strength to strength as we enter our fourth year of the partnership, and we along with Gogglebox fans across the UK, look forward to watching along while second-screening on our mobile phones.”

As part of the launch, Three’s internal agency Generation has created a comprehensive social approach stemming from the second screening findings, connecting the Gogglebox cast to creators.

Speaking about their phone behaviours, the company has edited its cast’s habits as platform-first content, with creators bringing these to life via humorous skits.

The new campaign follows on from the company’s multi-million-pound partnership with Gogglebox, which launched in 2020.

Now in its fourth year, the partnership has reached over 43 million people.