Three-Quarters of Fliers Using Airline Apps

Aeroplane airline travel holiday76 per cent of air passengers use airline apps, and 43 per cent say it has made a definite improvement to their travel.

Thats according to SITA research which surveyed passengers travelling through the world’s top 30 airports – 97 per cent of whom carry a smartphone, tablet or laptop with them while flying. A remarkable 20 per cent, meanwhile, travel with all three devices.

Its probably unsurprising, then, that 56 per cent of these travellers said they desire on-board connectivity to access in-flight entertainment on their device.

In terms of functionality, airport maps and directions were the most popular, with 57 per cent wanting this on their mobile device. 53 per cent want to receive personalised alerts about delays, and 50 per cent want to use their smartphone for boarding.

Passengers are also ready to embrace wearable devices, with 77 per cent saying they would be comfortable with the use of the technology to help them on their journey.