Three Quarters of Tradespeople Use Smartphone for Work

Builder Worker on Phone75 per cent of tradespeople use their smartphone for work, according to IronmongeryDirect, a UK supplier of hinges, locks and similar.

This is based on a survey of 10,000 tradespeople, which found that smartphones are the top device, ahead of laptops (56 per cent) and tablets (31 per cent).

In response to these results, IronmongeryDirect has revamped its mobile site with an improved UX and a streamlined checkout process.

“We asked tradespeople what they really needed from a mobile website, and then incorporated what they told us into the final version,” said IronmongeryDirect MD Wayne Lysaght-Mason. “So our new site is designed to give our loyal customers exactly what they want, improving the user experience and ensuring they can access our products more easily than ever before.”