Three ventures into programmatic advertising

ThreeMobile network provider Three UK has launched an advertising product, its first significant move into the world of programmatic, as it seeks to open up a new revenue stream for its business.

With Relevant Advertising, which has been developed in partnership Zeotap, advertisers will be able to target participating Three customers with “useful and relevant” ads.

Relevant Advertising currently has around 1m of Three’s 10m UK subscribers opted-in to the service. Data available from these customers includes ID-verified socio-demographic anonymous datasets, such as age, gender, home location, and work location. Three and Zeotap claim that this data makes advertising through the product six times more accurate than the current average accuracy of the digital ad industry. Meanwhile, according to the partners, advertisers can expect over 500 per cent more engagement, six times better on-target reach, and up to 200 per cent more conversions.

In addition to the programmatic product, Three and Zeotap are launching a second product called ‘Connect’. Connect, based on Zeotap’s patented, privacy-compliant CRM onboarding technology, uses Three’s anonymous data combined with other anonymous datasets to help advertisers deliver more relevant ads. According to the pair, it paves the way for better measurement and modelling in digital advertising, delivering a higher ROI.