TigerSpike Eureka App Puts Science On The iPad

Personal media specialist TigerSpike has teamed up with UK broadsheet The Times to develop an iPad app for the paper’s monthly science supplement, Eureka.

Utilising content written by The Times’ team of print journalists, TigerSpike designed the app to function as an interactive edition of the paper section, featuring video and audio, as well as offering the reader the chance to engage in elements such as psychometric tests, following The Times’ brief  to “wow, amaze and excite people” instead of producing a mere ‘functional app’.

Priced at 59p, the Eureka app, once downloaded, does not require users to connect to their 3G or wi-fi networks again to access its range of features. The contract represents TigerSpike’s second iPad app development for Times owner News Corp, with the developer having won the Pacific Area Newspaper Publishers Association 2010 Digital Innovation Award in August 2010, for transferring daily The Australian onto the iPad platform.

According to Tigerspike managing director, Nic Newman, TigerSpike: “It’s not simply a case of moving content from print to online to mobile. People use the iPad in an entirely different way to their phone or laptop. We wanted to create something that people would come back to time and time again, offering a fantastic user experience involving as many of the senses as possible.”