Data: TikTok helps boosts cinema footfall

TikTok has been attributed to driving footfall to the cinema, according to new data.

In first-of-its-kind study in the UK, TikTok partnered with LiveRamp to analyse 12 film campaigns to explore the impact of TikTok ad campaigns in driving ticket sales.

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As a result, the social media giant revealed almost half (49%) of the users who bought a cinema ticket purchased it within a day of seeing a film advert on TikTok.

The research also found 67% of films saw a double-digit customer lift due to campaign advertising on the social media platform.

Meanwhile, films with TikTok campaigns led to an average new customer increase of 21% compared with those without, the research stated.

TikTok UK, Head of Client Measurement, Charlotte Skornik, said : “It’s amazing to see the real-life impact that TikTok can have when it comes to consumer choices outside of the platform.

“TikTok is the home of entertainment, and these results demonstrate the opportunity for film studios and entertainment advertisers to harness TikTok ads to drive more customers to the big screen.”

LiveRamp, Head of Strategic Partnerships, Pierre-Andre Gautier, continued: “Together we’re creating new ways for studios to uncover powerful customer insights and prove the value of their marketing efforts.

“Driving metrics such as customer lift and incrementality across revenue on ad spend (iROAS) and sales lift enables entertainment and movie advertisers to see precisely what their ad dollars achieve on TikTok. This partnership creates a new standard of measurement for any cinema release.”