TikTok launches app on Google and other Android TVs

TikTok has launched an app for Google TV and other Android TV OS devices, enabling users to view short-form videos on bigger screens via their smart TVs, streaming sticks, and projectors when they are at home.

The TV app – which has launched for people in the UK, France, and Germany – lets users view content from TikTok’s ‘For You’ and ‘Following’ feeds, as well as the most liked and viewed content on the platform, which is organised into categories such as gaming, comedy, food, and animals.

“Were excited to bring the creativity and joy of TikTok to Google TV and other Android TV OS devices across Europe,” said Rich Waterworth, General Manager at TikTok UK. “The TikTok on TV experience will be a new way for people to come together and enjoy videos from some of our most popular content categories on the big screen. Whether its learning a new skill or just having some fun together watching what you love, now more than ever, I feel this is a brilliant way for people to be able to enjoy their favourite TikTok content together at home.”

The rollout on Google TV and other Android TV OS devices builds on TikTok’s launch on Samsung TVs in the UK at the end of last year.