TikTok launches Lead Generation for advertisers, inviting users to declare their interest in products

David Murphy

TikTok has launched a Lead Generation solution, designed to help businesses reach customers and drive conversions. Lead Generation enables businesses to share details of their products and services with TikTok users in a few taps.

Users are first required to fill out a form with details of their name, email address and phone number in order to signal their interest in any given product or service.  Some of this information may be automatically populated.

The solution also enables businesses to create customizable messages for different customer segments. Leads can then be downloaded manually or if integrated with a business's CRM system, leads can be immediately activated.

When users submit their information, a Privacy Notice will be displayed stating that the platform is collecting users' information for advertisers. Both TikTok's Privacy Policy and the advertisers' privacy policy will be linked in the form. The personal information collected through lead generation that auto-fills will only be accessible by the advertiser. Users can edit their information on the form or click to exit out of the form at any time.  

There's more information for advertisers here.