TikTok rolls out Q&A feature to help creators to engage more with viewers

TikTok has rolled out a feature that provides a way for creators to connect more directly with their audience by answering questions.

‘TikTok Q&A’ is a question-and-answer feature that enables users to designate their comments as Q&A questions, which are labelled as such in the comments section, making it easier for creators to identify and answer questions from their audience.

Creators are able to respond to questions with comment responses or video replies, just as they would with other video replies to comments, and add Q&A comments as stickers in responses. When replying by video, the new video will link back to the video where the question was first asked.

Q&A features will also be extended to livestreams, and all Q&A questions and answers are aggregated in a Q&A page that can be accessed via a creator’s profile bio. Video Q&A features are only available to users with ‘Creator’ accounts and can be activated through the settings and privacy page.