TikTok to make significant layoffs within global content and marketing teams

Social media giant TikTok is preparing to make significant layoffs within its global operations and marketing teams.

According to CNN, around 1,000 jobs will be impacted across the company’s user support, communications, content, and marketing divisions.

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The social media giant’s global user operations team is expected to be entirely disbanded, with the remaining staff being reassigned to the trust and safety, marketing, content, and product teams.

Employees were informed of the impending redundancies on Tuesday [21 May 2024], through a message from Head of Operations Adam Presser and Chief Brand and Communications Officer Zenia Mucha.

Last year, the company revealed it employed around 7,000 employees across the US alone.

Meanwhile, earlier this year the social media giant announced it was to make job cuts laying off at least 60 employees in its sales and advertising division. At the time a company spokesperson said the redundancies will largely affect its US teams.