TikTok achieves IAB UK Gold Standard 2.0

TikTok has received Gold Standard 2.0 certification from the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) UK, joining the likes of Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, GroupM UK, OpenX, and others in being certified under the initiative.

The Gold Standard 2.0, launched in September 2020, builds on the first IAB UK Standard launched in 2017 and its first update in 2019. Unlike previous iterations of the Standard, the Gold Standard 2.0 requires certified companies to implement IAB Europe’s Transparency & Consent Framework v2.0.

In order to achieve the certification, TikTok adopted apps-ads.txt to reduce ad fraud; achieved the Trustworthy Accountability Group’s Brand Safety Certification; promoted the Coalition for Better Ads’ Better Ads Standards for mobile web; supports GDPR and ePrivacy law; and is ensuring that its employees complete IAB Gold Standard training.

“As a platform with such a strong focus on user-generated content, we take our responsibility very seriously to ensure an in-app environment where people feel free to express themselves – for that they must feel safe, which in turn creates a safe environment for brands,” said Stuart Flint, Head of Global Business Solutions at TikTok Europe. “Thats why were continuing to invest in new measures and work with respected industry partners to build out our suite of viewability and safety solutions for advertisers. We look forward to building on Gold Standard 2.0 and working with IAB UK to promote transparency, privacy and safety across the digital advertising industry.”

TikTok also created the ‘TikTok Academy’, which aims to educate brands and media agencies on solutions, tools, and creative best practice principles to help them execute campaigns on the app.